Heating technology:

Using cutting edge heater systems, Comfortwear has created an optimal heated product that improves the efficiency of the battery resulting in a lightweight product that can heat for even longer. With our new Heat system breakthroughs, Comfortwear allows the Customer to never be cold again, with the push of a button, within any brisk climate.

Push button technology:

Our LED push buttons give you easy access operation of your heated products, with 3 interchangeable colored heat settings that keeps our customers at ease. Some of our products even use a double button that allows you to operate separate areas of your product independently of each other.


All of our products come with rechargeable batteries. Gone are the days when you need to continually buy more batteries to operate your product. Our streamlined batteries provide the portability needed for a heated product while making its presence in your product almost unnoticeable. Our chargers are USB-compatible . You can charge Comfortwear anywhere and everywhere!

Multiple heating levels:

Comfortwear offers three different heat settings in all of our products. This gives you the freedom to customize your heating experience anywhere you go! Heating Levels are controlled by our Push Button Technology with an instant heat guarantee. The different heating levels are indicated by colors once the button is toggled on.

Waterproof fabric: