You can declare war this holiday season on bad weather with our heated jacket.

Our Comfortwear Heated Jacket unites several functions in one: The jacket is made of a soft-shell material and thus, is wind and rain repellent, dries fast and is breathable. This means that no water can penetrate from the outside, the wind is kept out, and perspiration can easily be released from the jacket.  With the first in the world heated hood, you're guaranteed to stay warm.

Heated Jacket Features:

  • Operate and charge your jacket with any 12v power source - save your battery's life
  • First in the world heated hood and body
  • Double control button allows you to heat zones independently of each other - customized heating experience
  • Receive hours (depending on temperature setting) of battery use on one charge and battery is rechargeable up to 500 times
  • Hand washable

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