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Be sure to order a spare battery for your Comfort Pad here.

Whether you’re sitting on a raised stand as a hunter, watching a football match in a stadium, or sitting in a boat with your fishing pole, with the Comfortwear Comfort Pad you’ll be sitting cozily warm, dry and comfortable on this heated cushion, even in low temperatures and damp weather. Comfort Pad is the first cordless seat cushion worldwide for all of these occasions - and more! 

Comfort Pad offers you the ideal seating comfort because of the soft padded cushion as well as the heated sitting area that offers 3 different temperature settings. The external coating of the cushion also prevents moisture from penetrating it. The highly flexible heating elements made of carbon fibers are spread throughout the cushion for perfect heat distribution. The Comfort Pad can be rolled up to a small size and fits perfectly in the included bag.  Made from heavy duty cover fabric, this heated cushion is hand-washable. 

The accompanying Lithium polymer battery can be used up to 4 hours on one charge, with the ability to be recharged up to 500 times.  It is lightweight, weighing in at two ounces per battery, which means it’s light enough to carry an extra battery for extended heating durations.

Products Features:

Superior construction

  • Water & Wind Blocking fabric to protect the pad from the elements.
  • Velcro Battery Pocket built for easy access and so that you never lose your battery.
  • Perimeter heating elements using far infrared carbon fiber heating technology for full coverage.
  • Washable.
  • Size is 16”X16".

Practical Use

  • Pad can be rolled up and stored in the included bag.
  • Convenient strap on bag for storage allows easy travel.

Lightweight, long-lasting batteries

  • Receive up to 4 hours (depending on temperature setting) of battery use on one charge.
  • Includes one lightweight high capacity Lithium Polymer battery, 1 universal adapter/charger
  • Battery is rechargeable up to 500 times.

Easy Activation

  • Push button LED controller makes it easy to activate the heat.
  • 3 temperature settings: Low, Medium, High

Controller Operation

  • Press the button for 3 seconds to turn ON. The LED light will be red.
  • To change the temperature settings from high, medium, low, or off just hold the button for
  • three seconds. The LED indicator will glow red for high, amber for medium and blue for low. It will not glow if it is off.

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